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 Choosing the Right Pattern Size
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Sewing the perfect garment requires using the proper pattern size.

The key to getting a great fit on any garment is choosing the right size. This sounds simple, but many people do not have the accurate measurements they need, or they choose the wrong size pattern. Here's how to get the best fit from any garment you're sewing.

First, measure yourself accurately.

1. Use a flexible tape measure.

2. Measure next to your skin whenever possible. If you're planning to wear a specific body-shaping undergarment, it's a good idea to wear that while measuring.

3. Relax and breathe normally. If you suck everything in at this point, you will end up with uncomfortable garments. Remember to stand tall with good posture.

4. Have someone else hold and read the tape measure. It can be hard to get an accurate read if you are moving about trying to adjust and read the tape measure.

5. Write all your measurements down clearly and accurately.

For many people, this whole process is challenging. Just follow these rules and know that you'll look better in a garment that fits you correctly rather than trying to wiggle into a smaller size. Remember: Your measurements are just numbers to guide you. The numbers do not define who you are in any way!

Second, purchase the proper pattern size.

1. Check the body measurement chart for the pattern company you're working with. Each company has different sizes, so be sure to always check the body measurement chart.

2. Purchase the size according to your personal measurements and the pattern company's sizing chart. This size will be at least 3 or 4 sizes larger than the size clothes you purchase in a store, so don't even worry when you see a large number. Your finished garment size is not about the number anyway - it's about the fit!

Sometimes even with all your measurements in hand you may have to choose between sizes. Be sure to fit for your most ample part. For example- if most of your measurements fall under a size 10 but one of your measurement is a size 12, consider going with the size 12. It's generally easier to take in your garment as needed then to try and remedy a too-snug fit.

Fitting a garment to your individual body shape is one benefit of fashion sewing. Make it yours!


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